Favorite Things This Week

I've been in Mexico for the last week so a lot of this @list references it. But I have a separate list about that if you want it. These things made me happy!
  1. @AbbiJacobson's new book that arrived and I love it!
    Can't wait to see her and @lenadunham tomorrow night!
  2. Visiting Frida Kahlo's house/museum and seeing that despite the pain and suffering she endured her entire life, she was a prolific artist and left a legacy
  3. The electric cobalt blue of Frida's house
  4. The millions of brightly painted animal things that are sold in the markets
  5. The sign of this burger joint in Mexico City
  6. Day of the Dead things
  7. Our tour guide's rat tail that matched his Mexico vest
  8. My new aquamarine stone thing I got in Teotihuacan, Mexico
  9. The love between these two awesome people I met
  10. My Hillary tshirt that finally arrived a month after ordering
  11. This poster the David Lynch Foundation put out with a quote from the Maharishi
  12. My hotel room that was bigger than my apartment