I've seen lists of "Lasts" but I decided to take it back to "Firsts" because I'm feeling nostalgic.
  1. First computer: Apple IIe
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    I loved that damn thing. I was in elementary school and was taking a computer class and we used them so I begged my parents to get one. It pretty much did nothing but it was cool.
  2. First watch: Armitron digital Star Wars
    I still have it somewhere. It began my lifelong obsession with watches.
  3. My first camera: Canon AE-1
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    I acquired it from my dad when he got sick of it. I still have it and still use it. Used it all through college whole getting my photography degree. Back when it was strictly film. I sound so damn old.
  4. First album bought: Cyndi Lauper "She's So Unusual"
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    I saved up my money and road my bike to Schoolkids records to buy it on cassette tape.
  5. First kiss: Brent
    We're still friends. We also used to get in trouble for playing doctor when we were 3 and 4 years old.
  6. First real boyfriend: Keith
    Met while seeing The Sundays play when I was 14ish. He was 17.
  7. First best friend: Jody
    We're still friends! Even though she cut my waist length hair off the day before picture day when we were 4.
  8. First obsession: Music? Photography? Boys?
  9. First pet: dog named Louie
    He was a pug that smelled.
  10. First apartment: a studio near NCSU
    Right off the main street that cut through campus. I was surrounded by musicians and cool people and we bar hopped every night and somehow I'd make it to class (sometimes). I had to get rid of my bed frame and put my mattress on the floor because the room was spinning every night and I had to keep one foot on the floor. Amazingly enough, I made it out alive.
  11. First college degree(s): English and Anthropology
    And then I did a 180 and started over and got my BFA in photography. Because I'm a Gemini.
  12. First car: vintage VW Super Beetle convertible
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    I miss that car. You can read about it here: http://element75.com/2012/01/16/car-nostalgia/
  13. First instrument: violin