I wrote this a couple of years ago and Facebook just reminded me of it.
  1. To all the mothers out there-
  2. To the ones that gave birth and those that didn't
  3. To those who adopted and unselfishly gave a child a new home
  4. To the ones that have taken in the broken, neglected, and innocent ones that were almost given up on
  5. To those that chose to give birth and unselfishly decide to give that child a better life than they could give
  6. To the ones who decided to have children and those that decided not to
  7. And to those where it wasn't a choice
  8. And last, but not least-
  9. To the ones with children here, the ones with children who left too soon but are never forgotten, and the ones where it ended before it even began.
  10. Props and love to you all.