Good 2016 Things

See, the 2016 happy list to counterbalance the previous sad one. Perspective is a good thing and so is reflection. See bad: Sucky 2016 Things
  1. Invited to make my own custom Andy Warhol wallpaper
  2. Co-hosted a @list meetup and met tons of cool people!
  3. Spent lots of time with these kinds of things in these kinds of spaces throughout the year
    Always inspiring
  4. We celebrated 10 years of Design Milk with a party in May. It was pretty awesome.
    God I look haggard.
  5. I was invited to Amsterdam for work that only lasted 4 hours so I brought my mom for her 70th birthday.
  6. Here we are jet lagged but having fun
  7. Ate the most amazing sandwich I've ever had in my entire life in Amsterdam
    No joke. Life changing.
  8. Visited Antigua, Guatemala and it was magical.
  9. A hotel invited me to Mexico City and it was really cool. I'd never been and had a great time.
  10. While there, we traveled outside of the city and I fucking climbed 2 pyramids
    It was brutal but I did it!
  11. Was serenaded by a 16 piece mariachi band in Mexico City
    A mariachi band with really tight pants
  12. Spent time with great friends
    This is Judy and she's awesome.
  13. Abbi Jacobson & Lena Dunham did a talk about Abbi's new book and her publisher invited me to it.
    They're good together.
  14. Ran a super fun campaign with TUMI luggage company where we interviewed 4 designers around the world, including @bobbyhundreds
    It was a ton of work producing the videos but so worth it. So grateful Bobby agreed to do it.
  15. Went to Miami for Art Basel, Design Miami, and all the events that go with it.
    I've never spent time there but I had a blast.
  16. Saw @andycohen talk in Miami. I love him more than I should admit. I waited forever to get my book signed and get a photo with him and the guy taking the photo didn't even wait for me to get in the photo. So here's Andy and I.
    When I found out he was speaking in Miami, I changed all my travel plans so I could stay and see him. It cost thousands of $$. I also missed a trip to Cuba and my dad's 72nd bday. Oops.
  17. The president of my alma mater sent me flowers and a gift, along with a letter telling me how proud she was of me and all that I've done since graduation.
    It was super kind of her. Hell, my family never even tells me that.
  18. My former boss gave an incredible talk to coincide with her book being published. The book is full of projects and pieces I worked on and it was cool to see it all put together.
    She took me under her wing when I landed in LA and I learned so much from her watching her business become so successful. I hadn't seen her in a couple of years so it was a wonderful reunion.
  19. I made peace with my grandmother
    I've spent my lifetime trying to please her but always failed. She never liked me, or most people for that matter, and was never nice to me. The last few months as she's dying have changed that. I've forgiven her and made peace with the fact that she was never the grandmother I would have loved to have had.
  20. I covered NYCxDesign week, ICFF, Brooklyn Designs, Tech Crunch Disrupt, Miami Design Week, Art Basel, Design Miami, Design Leadership Network, NeoCon, Architectural Digest Home Show, Simbiotica, IDS West, and many more events I can't remember off-hand.
    Tech humor at Tech Crunch
  21. When I wasn't traveling this year, I spent most of my time in NYC and it was invigorating.
  22. We went to Montana
    In 3rd grade we had to choose our favorite state and write a report on it. I chose Montana even though I'd never been. It just seemed magical. Since then, I've always wanted to go and we finally did after Christmas. It was an unforgettable surprise and I can't wait to go back when I have more time. It's a place that definitely seeps into your soul.
  23. Also started acupuncture, cupping, and EMDR again. Al good shit.
  24. See, 2016 didn't suck completely.