1. face time with my design friends that inspire me and keep my head in the game year after year
    NYCxDesign is exhausting but worth it
  2. late night walks through the streets of NYC with zero agenda
  3. affection
  4. the temperature dropping from scorching hot temps
  5. sharing my secrets that i normally keep buried and feeling slightly free
  6. long, effortless chats
  7. being alone
  8. then not being alone
  9. seeing friends you haven't seen in awhile and can feel that they're genuinely happy to see you
  10. deep conversations about life where someone opens up to you for the first time
  11. walking in the rain
  12. your good friend telling you she's having a baby, which is something she's wanted for a really long time
  13. made it through my ridiculously busy schedule of 8 days of NYCxDesign