1. last night, i met up with a friend of mine who's a singer. i've known and worked with him for awhile and we've always gotten along well.
  2. he's what you'd probably consider hot or someone with perfect looks, if i had to define it.
    like, it's something that he's never had to worry about because his looks have only helped him.
  3. we'd been talking for probably an hour when we both realized the people behind us were talking about us.
  4. comments like "why is he with her?" "why doesn't he have a model or actress on his arm?" "what's he thinking?" "she'd be ok if she was skinny", etc.
  5. you get the drift?
  6. i heard it all and he heard it all.
  7. while i became sad about people making assumptions and constantly being judged that i'm not skinny these days, he just became enraged.
  8. i don't need anyone defending me nor do i feel like this situation needed defending. but...
  9. 1) it's no ones business if we were dating 2) why do people feel the need to judge and offer unsolicited commentary that we can hear?
  10. he couldn't take it anymore and turned around and said something. part of it i don't even remember because i was so shocked that he spoke up.
  11. he went into things like, who's to say we couldn't or shouldn't date if that's what we wanted, and who's to say we weren't dating, and everyone sees people and beauty differently, and he would be lucky to have me, etc etc.
  12. part of me was mortified and the other part super proud that he said something. he's someone that's NEVER experienced any kind of discrimination over his looks and yet, he got it. he got that it hurt my feelings and that it was unnecessary and bullshit.
  13. look around (i'm saying this to everyone, not just on li.st). all different types of people partner up every single day for a variety of reasons and looks aren't always #1.
  14. but even if they are, everyone's idea of what perfect looks like is different.
  15. it's about who you like and love. and that's different for everyone.
  16. life is short and if you're lucky enough to click with someone, go for it.
  17. but whether you agree or not, others can hear you and words hurt, so maybe keep them to yourself?
  18. ok, i'm done.