1. People with 2 first names, hyphenated or not
    Too. Many. Words.
  2. People with those stick figure family stickers on their car window
    Go away.
  3. People who only post positive messages or memes on their Instagram or Facebook
  4. People who only use pictures of their cat in their profile
    Who are you?
  5. People who don't eat gluten just because
    Allergies are different.
  6. People who don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom
    You are disgusting. Get away from me!
  7. Celebrities that only follow celebrities
    Isn't that boring?
  8. People who think going on Naked and Afraid would be fun
    What's wrong with you?
  9. Anyone who can go on a trip with just a carry-on
    How? Do you live? Do you ever get dirty and need a change of clothes?