Just when I thought today, and the last few months couldn't get any lower.... This happened.
  1. I tried to open that plastic bag that's inside my box of sea salt Triscuits. IT. WOULD. NOT. OPEN.
  2. Naturally I started crying and threw the unopened bag out of my 3rd floor apartment window onto the street.
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    FUCK YOU, TRISCUITS. I didn't want you anyway. I know it's not about the Triscuits but why did they have to be so difficult?
  3. So, who still wants to be friends now that I sound like a lunatic?
  4. \\\\\ Warning: Whining & Pity Party ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
  5. Really horrible Monday on top of everything, so naturally I'm sharing it on ListApp.
    Normally I'm not a whiner and I don't often complain, but things lately are making it hard not to.
  6. I'm barely hanging on by one, single solitary fuck, people, and it's not pretty.
    If I listed out everything that has gone on in recent times it would look like a ridiculous TV movie. I can take a lot but at some point, when is it going to give? When is enough enough?
  7. Isn't there some way to change up your karma?
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    I feel like I have that machine at IKEA that constantly punches the chairs in two places to test them, except I'm the chair and it's punching my heart and my stomach. Over and over and over again.
  8. I mean, I think I'm a good person - I'm nice, I try to help people, I volunteer, I donate $, I work really, really hard at everything I do in two different fields, I smile at people, I say hello/please/thank you, I tip like 30%, and I try not to ask for anything.
  9. I'm not saying I'm perfect (I'm not at all), but I try to be a good person and I'm always trying to do better.
  10. But one teeny tiny break would be lovely. Just something small.
    I'm not looking for sympathy - I just needed to vent.
  11. Ok, Triscuits for everyone. Or at least those people on the street with sharp utensils.
    At least I can open scotch all by myself.
  12. (This list is pathetic and super whiny so I'm probably going to delete it, but I had to purge it.)