I'm Either California Dreamin' or I'm in a New York State of Mind

I'm one of the rare people that equally loves both NYC and LA. I've lived in both and I've still got mad love for them and I always will.
  1. I heart the city views when flying in and out.
  2. But, look at the ocean when you're flying in and out of LA!
  3. NYC has the ease of convenient public transportation that I don't have to think about.
  4. But, I love having a little control by being behind the wheel and being able to sing at the top of my lungs in LA.
  5. The concrete jungle of NYC has my heart and I never get tired of looking up and seeing the buildings reaching for the sky.
  6. But hot damn, you can't beat LA's palm trees, Cali architecture, and views of the hills.
  7. NYC is a people watching paradise. As I navigate through the streets or sit on a park bench, nothing is more entertaining than watching people move through life. Ever wonder what their story is? I do.
  8. But, LA is equally entertaining with that everyday feeling that everyone looks familiar. It's a town full of characters.
  9. Walk 5 steps from your NYC door and you'll run into a bodega with just about everything you need. Every block is filled with a menagerie of restaurants to satisfy every craving. Everything is just a short walk away!
  10. LA has neighborhoods that make you feel like you're in another place and you can find anything you want - Little Tokyo, Koreatown, Little Armenia, Thai Town, Chinatown
    (Not my photo)
  11. NYC has Shake Shack in multiple locations!
    (Not my photo)
  12. LA has In-N-Out all over!
  13. I love the winter and gloomy weather that NYC provides my dark soul.
  14. But that LA sunshine is intoxicating!
  15. NYC has MoMA! Cooper-Hewitt! The Whitney! The Met! The Guggenheim!
    (Not my photo of the Whitney)
  16. LA has The Broad! LACMA! MOCA! The Getty!
  17. NYC has Central Park.
  18. LA the beaches, Griffith Park, and Runyon.
  19. NYC has Strand bookstore!
  20. LA has Amoeba!
    (Not my photo)
  21. NYC's thoughtful graffiti
  22. LA's thoughtful graffiti
  23. I'm in NYC now and heading to LA on Friday and while I'll be sad to leave NYC, I'll happily embrace LA for a bit.