I Think I'm in Love With My Seat Mate - Running List

I can't get a good photo of him!
  1. First, he's a GINGER.
    If you know me, I kind of have a not-so-secret thing for gingers (outside my normal brunette love).
  2. He incredibly handsome.
    He looks slightly like Paul Bettany.
  3. He's from Montana - born and raised.
  4. He's been talking for over an hour about Montana and it sounds awfully dreamy.
    He's telling me about Billings, Helena, Paradise Valley, the river, Livingston, Bozeman; and Ted Turner's bison farm.
  5. He's invited me there to come visit him!!
  6. He can't believe that I haven't been there yet.
  7. He just gave me his number and business card.
  8. We're going to make the most adorable babies together!!!!
    Or die practicing.
  9. He's wearing a really cool striped shirt.
  10. Ohhhh, he's wearing a Rolex Explorer II.
    He's got gooood taste.
  11. He's an Apple guy!
  12. He's tall!
  13. Shit, we just made plans to hang out tonight 😳
  14. Is that wrong?!?
  15. We've been talking for 2 hours now.
  16. Oh god, he's got popped veins on his hands. Those kill me!
  17. He's showing me things on his computer.
  18. He plays guitar!
  19. And we like the same music.
  20. He's 38.
  21. He travels a lot for work ❤️
  22. I think it's love at first flight. ❤️✈️