The cooling temperatures have me feeling things, ok?
  1. Sunsets
  2. Ever-changing cloud formations
  3. Cool breezes touching the skin
  4. Feeling love from another person
  5. Getting to love someone else
  6. Crushes
  7. Bare feet in the grass
  8. Raindrops on my face
  9. Getting on a plane and landing somewhere completely different in a matter of hours
  10. Road trips with great playlists
  11. A spark of connection with someone
  12. Kissing
  13. Songs that transport you
  14. Long drives with no agenda
  15. A book that removes you from yourself while you're reading it
  16. Memorable dreams
  17. That twilight time between being awake and falling asleep
  18. Waking up with that short, blissful time before your brain catches up