1. Laying back and watching the stars in the sky and recognizing just how much more there is
  2. Handwritten letters
    Knowing someone took the time to put their thoughts onto paper for you is pretty incredible.
  3. Getting to decide where we sleep and night and who is there beside us
  4. Observing the way a child observes life and new experiences
    Making you remember just how magical life can be.
  5. We get to fly in the sky amongst the clouds and arrive in new places in a matter of hours
  6. Our thoughts can be digitally transcribed in milliseconds and sent out into the world for someone else to read
  7. Getting to decide how we feel about things
  8. A new sunset happens every single day
    And we get to witness it
  9. Choosing the place we get to call home
  10. A few simple words can change the course of someone else's day