While they may seem random, the underlying theme is they were mostly in the creative realm. I'm super loyal and tend to stay at jobs a long time. It can be a problem. Bonus: I've never been fired and still friends with all my former employers. BOOM. (Inspired by @AbbiJacobson)
  1. Candy striper
    Why yes, I was a teenage candy striper. Not stripper, like autocorrect keeps changing it to. Nothing wrong with strippers but I was 14, Apple! I might have been an asshole of a teenager (just ask my mom! She loves to share this info), but I still always volunteered.
  2. Intern for band/band manager/record producer
    I was 16 and finally got to see all the 21 and over shows without having to use my fake ID. Entirely too much inappropriate fun.
  3. Assistant to the above
    The band was in a horrible accident returning from a show in which the van flipped multiple times and burst into flames. The drummer shattered his leg leading to shake ups all around. Was promoted.
  4. Merch girl/road bitch
    Where the bands went, I went. Sold merch and rocked out.
  5. Coffee shop bitch/barista
    Drank entirely too much coffee and never slept. It was one of 3 jobs at the time while I was a freshman in college. I had bills to pay and bands to see.
  6. Employee of independent movie theater
    Free movies, lots of alcohol (we sold beer at the theaters), working Rocky Horror every Friday. Lots more fun and more inappropriate times.
  7. Coat check girl
    Yes, let me take your coat and thank you for the $30 tip, drunk guy! Also, thanks for your number and for being the 30th guy to flirt with me tonight. I secretly loved this job. It was at a bar I lived at anyway and now I got paid to stare at my crush, flirt with random dudes, listen to good music, and dance.
  8. Nanny
    Band manager/record producer's baby was diagnosed with a horrible illness and had to have a bone marrow transplant so I helped out. He's defied all the odds and is still thriving.
  9. Graphic/web manager
    Designed catalog pages and maintained websites for national art supply company. Tedious and mind-numbing. It was here that I confirmed that I'm not a 9-5er. It sucked my soul a little everyday.
  10. Paid audience member
    You know all that laughing you hear when watching sitcoms? That was me. And others. Lots of hurry up and wait but it was an interesting side of the business to see when you live in LA. I sat through way too many Judge Judy's that i'd like to forget.
  11. Studio manager/production assistant
    Worked for a high-end designer in LA. Oversaw the studio and production and dealt with all the clients. The very wealthy clients/celebs.
  12. Personal assistant
    For people who shall remain nameless because I respect people's privacy too much. Plus confidentiality contracts.
  13. Publicist for recording studio
    Again, music. Loved this job, especially seeing who would walk through the door. Different shit everyday. I was almost always the only female.
  14. Assistant for a psychic
    Yep and he's legit. Didn't buy it at first. Took it as an LA thing but my designer boss insisted I try it out. Intense and crazy and completely mind blowing. Dealt with all his secret clients and more.
  15. Contributor to associate editor to managing editor
    For Design Milk. For over 4 years now. It's a job that takes me all over the world and I love it.