1. My beautiful LA bitch never changes and I can always count on that.
  2. Going to my meditation group today was the best thing I've done in a long time. I heart my TM teacher.
  3. Had one of the best meditations in awhile, one that made me cry.
    Even with a life size photo of Russell Brand's face looking at me.
  4. Gelson's, I can always count on you for D-List celeb sightings and overly pulled back faces.
    As well as my veggie sandwich from the deli. And I love it.
  5. People are just chill here and I always have to reset my mode from being a NYC in-a-hurry bitch.
  6. The sun is shining and the cool weather are on motherfucking point.
  7. I met @saytrumbo in person last night and she's more awesome than I imagined.
    Plus she is flawlessly GORGEOUS. No joke.
  8. My boyfriend arrived today and won't tell me what we're doing tonight and that frightens me.
    With him you have no idea.
  9. My hair is just tragic today (you can refer to my earlier list.)
    It's not pretty, people. And I'm in LA where everyone is pretty!
  10. So an unknown evening with bad hair - this should be interesting.
  11. He's driving all over the place and we're currently downtown.
  12. Ah, who cares. He looks super cute and he'll probably (definitely) get lucky no matter what.