I've been here 11 days so far this trip.
  1. The Broad might be one of the coolest museums ever.
    I didn't even take my phone out to take photos.
  2. The Mapplethorpe exhibition at LACMA was incredible and thought-provoking, as all his work tends to be.
  3. Guns N' Roses can still throw down a million years later and seeing them at The Troubadour was an experience.
    Where else will you see Andrew Dice Clay and Bradley Cooper with his mom in the same room?!
  4. @list Live! made me laugh harder than I have in months, which is just what I needed.
    How sad is that?! Months, I tell you. I need more laughs.
  5. Meeting @dfly and @Waz wuz really cool. They're even more fun in person.
  6. Hanging out with the other lovely List App users was also really cool.
  7. @list team are some of the nicest people I've ever met and I want to squeeze them all.
  8. At the bar after the show, I saw the guy that bought my first photograph I ever sold from my very first art show. Pretty cool.
    He'd been in Savannah filming a movie when I was in school. On a whim, he stopped by the show. Forever grateful.
  9. Group TM at the David Lynch Foundation always makes me feel whole again.
  10. @jonathan is awesome and has excellent taste.
  11. @jeremysomething is living my hair dreams.
  12. The La Brea Tar Pits in the rain feel very cathartic.
  13. The sunsets in Venice will never stop making me smile.
  14. Taking @aubreyljohnson for her first matzo ball soup experience was delicious and really fun. Our waiter needed his own tv show.
  15. @Nicholas and @saytrumbo rival at giving the best hugs.
    It's time for a rematch to determine the winner.
  16. @richardkraft is one of my new favorite people. Insightful and a great asker of questions.
  17. The music making process will always inspire me, no matter how sleep derived I am.
  18. Everything has been a reminder as to how much I miss it here. Thinking heavily about a big leap back.
  19. Already sad about leaving Saturday and I can't even think about it. If you want to hang out before I vanish, hit me up.