LA People: I'll Be All Up in You for Awhile

Heading to LA this week for about 2-1/2 weeks before having to head back east.
  1. If you want to:
  2. Hold hands
  3. Make out
  4. Pet puppies
  5. See this face
  6. Stare into each other's eyes
  7. Sip coffee/tea
  8. Guzzle booze
  9. See comedy
  10. Hear music
  11. Look at art
  12. Eat delicious foods
  13. Talk about other List Appers
  14. Have a meetup
  15. Sit silently across from each other at a cafe
  16. Scope out books
  17. Pinch my cheeks (either set)
  18. Walk around and look at shit
  19. Or watch sunsets...
  20. Hit me up.
  21. If not, screw you.