fun things from this last week in LA. still here and the list is ongoing.
  1. my crazy hotel with Star Wars lights
  2. just being outside and taking it all in
  3. going to see Wavves
  4. this damn dinner we slaughtered at Salazar
    it was sooooo good.
  5. going to The Greek Theatre and seeing Ryan Adams
    over all my years of living in LA, I'd never been to the Greek and i loved it
  6. rooftop drinks at Mama Shelter
  7. rosé
    soooooo much rosé and it's my official drink of summer now
  8. porch parties
  9. random murals
  10. working in an office with actual people who are actually cool
    i work by myself all the time and it gets lonely and boring.
  11. so many laughs
    reminding me it's ok to feel good again
  12. coffee and catching up with my favorite Suzanne
  13. hanging with Christie
  14. seriously, this bed is nuts. a king bed on a double platform meant we had to sleep in the middle or you'll fall off.
    and we did fall off. but there were Star Wars lights!!!
  15. brunch on Pico with some of my favorites
  16. ladies group meditation this morning that was so damn good
  17. LA views
  18. a long Skype catch-up with an old friend who happens to be a psychic
    so much insight that i needed. he's the best!
  19. visited the Paul Smith rainbow wall at twilight because that's what you do!