Since you're all dying to know...
  1. Eye twitching
    4 months now. The struggle is real.
  2. American Airlines sucks
    No really, they do. Ask my luggage.
  3. Cool shoes that don't hurt
    It's official. I'm lame.
  4. Ear tubes in adults
    Just in case you weren't positive that I'm lame.
  5. Cool furniture when you're broke
    Additional lameness.
  6. How to avoid moving in with your parents as an adult
    Again, the struggle is real.
  7. Why is anyone still a republican?
    Seriously, I want to know.
  8. How to get Kardashian rich
    Come on, you know you want some of that scratch.
  9. Why does hair grow grey at the temples?
    Fuck, I'm old.
  10. Exercises for double chins
    No explanation necessary.