Lena Dunham Gifs for Every Day Life

We have Hannah Horvath, aka our resident QUEEN @lenadunham, to thank for these. In honor of tonight's season premiere.
  1. "Put your dick away."
    Needed on the daily.
  2. "I've just been having a little trouble with my mental state."
    You and me both.
  3. "Woah"
    All the time.
  4. No words necessary
  5. "I hate you!"
    We all feel this way about someone at some point, right?
  6. "I have a lot of anxiety."
  7. "Just continue to have a ball."
    Keep on keeping on
  8. "I'm sorry, this shirt works."
    Because it does.
  9. "I said thank you, it was a big favor."
    Enough said.
  10. "Gosh, I miss you, too. I really miss you."
    So true.
  11. "My circumstances have changed and I can no longer work for free."
  12. "It's Wednesday night, baby, and I'm alive."
  13. Git it, gurl!
  14. Feel better, Lena!