I'm bummed I only took like 5 photos. I SUCK. Happy I made it though! It was a nice end to 2 solid weeks of 8am - 1am and later every single day for work. I was far from my A game but I had fun. Thanks @list!
  1. @jackantonoff is really funny and his tour rider is 💯. I've seen worse than coconuts and a machete so I think he's good.
    Even with his in-depth account of distinguishing young and old coconuts.
  2. @shanaz is even more amazing than you can imagine. Plus, she was great on stage! You're so fun to hug!!
    So happy you and @salsa came!
  3. Jack @Waz waz funny, as always. I think we all need more crocheted dicks in our lives.
  4. @olive is gorgeous and put people where they belonged.
  5. @summeranne needs to make some of those apps happen.
  6. @richardcurtis was really funny and I'm sure it's a night none of us, especially @Nicholas, will forget.
  7. @sondrelerche made me want to see that horrible movie.
  8. Jake Brandman's wrestling list was 💯 x 💯 and he's super nice. Happy to finally meet him in person!
  9. @dfly brought it all home, as always. I hope he doesn't forget about us when his career takes off as a white guy. The Uber ride back to the city was entertaining.
  10. @Nicholas you're a great addition to the stage. You hair glistens under the lights and your personality sparkles like a shiny 💎.
  11. @Grosstastic - you are the sweetest person EVER - so fun to talk to! @dev - you were so smart to wife her up!
    I stole your photo @Grosstastic!
  12. @dev is always friendly and is such a kind soul.
    Unless he's tricking us all? I don't think so, though.
  13. Great seeing you again @Caroline!
  14. @MandyKN was fun to talk to and to Uber back to the city with.
  15. So happy @thebestSR and her husband came! Didn't get to talk too much but happy to connect.
  16. @dudleyjoshua - so glad you made the trek from Virginia! Hope you had fun and it was great meeting you for reals.
  17. @k8mcgarry you're even funnier in person!
  18. @DG you're real!! So glad to put a face with a name! Xo
  19. I'm super bummed I didn't get to meet @sky or @ErinFlaherty! Can't believe I missed you two.
  20. @vp I didn't realize that was you or I would have said hi!
  21. @jeremysomething it wasn't the same without you ❤️
  22. Who am I forgetting? I'm working on 2 hours of sleep here.