Feeling particular raw today so who knows where this will end up.
  1. There's something quite magical about this space that was created here. It slowly built over time in Beta mode as people were brought into the community. And it seems that such thoughtful consideration was paid to who was allowed in, keeping the space organic, growing and changing little by little with each new user.
  2. Each listapper brought their own life story, heart, feelings, thoughts, personality, and a type of vulnerability rarely seen these days, especially in such a public forum.
  3. People from all walks of life were all brought to a level playing field, all creative minds with beating hearts furiously typing behind their iPhones.
  4. The walls were lowered and people felt safe enough to share the thoughts not often spoken aloud. Most people were kind and welcoming, letting others know they heard them and that they understood or felt the same way. There was no shame or hatred that's found on other means of social media. Only love and support.
  5. It's easy to feel bonded to these people you see raising the bar of vulnerability. You feel like you know them, whether they're in TV or last week's magazine cover or some guy in St Louis plugging away at life. It didn't matter.
    Maybe it's a false sense of connection? I don't know... I can only speak from my end and know that everything I've said and written has been genuine.
  6. Maybe it's the focus on the written word as opposed to feeds full of images and selfies? It almost feels less real and a little bit anonymous. Much less scary. We're just focused on what people are saying and not all these images that conjure up life and the real world. When I joined, I just saw names and never thought twice as to who they were.
    (I didn't even realize that Lena was Lena or John was John. It just said John and I didn't pay attention to the actual name. They were just people sharing tiny pieces of their minds. Like all of us. (You must get so sick of everyone @ -ing you all the time on every platform)
  7. It always felt different than Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, all part of our tech-focused lives - I never invested too much in those. I also censored myself immensely because of who could read what I was posting. I didn't feel that way here. It took me awhile but I slowly began to post more during Beta.
    I also continue to fill up my Drafts folder with things I'm still too scared to publish.
  8. When the public debut came closer, there were feelings of apprehension wondering if it would be the same safe vibe that had been established many months ago.
  9. Yes the community seemed to explode overnight and while it felt a little harder to talk to and read what your favorites were writing, it still felt the same.
  10. Whatever it is, it's much easier to step out of the shadow and just write and share.
  11. We all just want to be seen and feel heard.
  12. Sitting behind a screen feels less threatening and when there's a safe place, there's room to be vulnerable. Especially for those it doesn't come naturally for.
  13. There are still posts I regret, things I delete, and ones I'm not sure I'm ready to post. Maybe we're all like that?
  14. I still struggle with vulnerability. I hate it. It's the most uncomfortable feeling in the world for me, but maybe little by little, word by word, it won't feel so awful.
  15. Thanks to @bjnovak, @dev and the rest of the @list gang for creating this safe place. And to all the Beta users who came before me for keeping it that way.