1. That I'm currently stuck in
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  2. Waiting for the fire department
  3. Who said it could be awhile
  4. Because apparently they have "real emergencies" according to the dispatcher
  5. Not like ones of people being confined in small spaces with limited oxygen and anxiety
  6. NBD
  7. It's been great knowing all of you, @list family.
  8. Carry on without me. Trend and get that shit featured like you all deserve. I know you can do it.
  9. Keep reaching for the stars. Not Mindy and Lena, silly - the ones in the sky.
  10. If you want to call me and sing me a song, that's cool.
  11. I'll just be rocking gently in the corner.
  12. I knew i should have taken the motherfucking stairs back up. But I was feeling all lazy, because Christmas.
  13. Is this Santa's way of saying I've been off the rails all year?