Music + My Memories, Part 1

Not necessarily listened to in the year they came out, obviously. Also, there are too many for just one list.
  1. 1962 - "Coltrane Plays the Blues" by John Coltrane
    The best. My uncle was and is a jazz musician in NYC and jazz was my grandfather's only musical love so I grew up around it. This album takes your mind to other places. I remember laying around with a boyfriend and just listening to this for hours while we made out.
  2. 1983 - "Seven and the Ragged Tiger" by Duran Duran
    My sister and I were obsessed with them as kids and one of my most vivid childhood memories ever was staying up all night with my sister and watching one of their live concerts. We were up and alone and confused because my mom had to take my dad to the hospital as he'd had a massive stroke but we didn't know it at the time. Just that something was wrong with him. Deep down I knew everything was about to change but I tried to distract myself with the video. I was 9.
  3. 1983 - "Synchronicity" by The Police
    My neighbor growing up was about 5 years older than me and he used to play me records all the time and this is one that was constantly on repeat. So good. "Wrapped Around Your Finger" is the best!
  4. 1984 - "Hatful of Hollow" - The Smiths
    The Smiths. What can I say? Morrissey + Johnny Marr were a good combination of beautiful and sad. I loved them from an early age thanks to my older sister. Besides, it always brings back sweet memories of my friend Alan that committed suicide. He used to dance to The Smiths at this bar on 80's night. I can't listen to this album without thinking of him and wishing he was still here.
  5. 1987 - "Boylan Heights by The Connells
    Local band that went international that I saw a million times. Will forever be a part of my youth and younger years. One of them played a huge part in my life for many years and he still does.
  6. 1989 - "Disintegration" by The Cure
    Ah, The Cure. I dare you to listen to "Pictures of You" and not feel something! They made you feel okay about having feelings and be different. Saw them live when I was 16 on the front row. Incredible.
  7. 1990 - "Reading, Writing and Arithmetic" - The Sundays
    They played a show when I was about 14/15 and I went with a friend. Met my first real boyfriend there. We used to listen to this record in his car and his room.
  8. 1993 - "Exile in Guyville" by Liz Phair
    If I could only count how many times this album was played... Found it incredibly honest and bold and was happy to hear that from a female singer at that time. She paved the way for a lot of people making it feel okay to speak up and be truthful about life as a female. Still holds up after all these years.
  9. 1993 - "Rid of Me" by PJ Harvey
    Again, another strong female with songs I wanted to listen to on repeat. She was bold with an incredible voice and unusual songs.
  10. 2000 - "Felt Mountain" by Goldfrapp
    Sexy and seductive. Incredible live show if you ever get to see her. Saw her in DC with my boyfriend at the time. We used to listen to this album all the time.