1. Feeling batshit crazy.
  2. How do people do this?!
  3. Silence. Dead silence.
  4. No talking. No singing.
  5. I need to purge my thoughts, dammit.
  6. How. Long. Will. This. Go. On?
  7. How am I supposed to communicate?!
  8. Handwrite every single thing on a legal pad? 📝😖🔫
  9. Finger gestures? 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
  10. Interpretive dance? 💃🏽
  11. Sign language? 👊🏼👉🏼👌🏻
  12. Smoke signals? 🚬🌪💨
  13. The only one enjoying this is my boyfriend who won't shut up.
    And I can't even respond 😖
  14. I'm probably going to break and talk soon before I explode 💥
  15. I have a strong desire to walk up to a stranger and just scream in their face Billy Eichner style.
    Just because.
  16. I think it's more knowing you can't than it is just wanting to speak.
  17. Kind of like if you need to pee but there's nowhere to go and it just makes you feel like you have to pee more.