My 90's Playlist

Things I listened to in the 90s, not necessarily music made in the 90s. Who'd you listen to?
  1. The Lemonheads
    Evan Dando 4 eva. Teenage me freaked out when he started following me on Twitter. Listen to: Mrs. Robinson, My Drug Buddy, It's A Shame About Ray
  2. PJ Harvey
    Dear god, I love this woman. Badass. Listen to: Rid of Me, Angelene, Down By The Water, You Said Somethjng, The Wheel
  3. Lush
    Their shows were deafening but awesome.
  4. Bjork
    That Human Nature video was mind-blowing.
  5. L7
    They kicked off the riot grrrl era and I was there for it. Listen to the Bricks Are Heavy album.
  6. Belly
    Tanya Donnelly's band after Throwing Muses. Listen to the Star album.
  7. Nirvana
    Smells Like Teen Spirit changed the game. Super fun live and grateful I got to see them.
  8. Beck
    Loser was the jam with its catchy beat and lyrics. Still holds up. I still have a Sub Pop shirt that says Loser on it.
  9. The Breeders
    The Deal twins were magic. Listen to the Last Splash album.
  10. Juliana Hatfield
    So relatable and girly, yet she was welcomed by all the guys in music.
  11. @snoopdogg & Dr Dre
    Gin and Juice was the shit and we used to ride around in our friend Neckbone's car cranking this up and getting into trouble.
  12. Flaming Lips
    Listen to: She Don't Use Jelly
  13. Violent Femmes
    So many fun times listening to them. Listen to: Add It Up, Blister in the Sun, Kiss Off
  14. Transvision Vamp
    Listen to: Baby I Don't Care, Crawl Out Your Window
  15. Deeee-Lite
    We went to see them live and we danced all damn night in the club. I dare you not to dance to 'Groove is in the Heart."
  16. Voice of the Beehive
    Listen to: Sorrow Floats, Don't Call Me Baby
  17. Sonic Youth
    Just because. Listen to: all of it.
  18. The Smiths
    They were everything.
  19. L.L. Cool J
    I can still recite every word to every song. I thank the girls at my table in class in 7th grade for the intro.
  20. Lauryn Hill
    Her voice is magic. Listen to: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
  21. Tupac
    Because, duh.
  22. Madonna
    Was a big Madonna fan from the time I was a little kid. Vogue began the 90s and her continued reign. My mom used to love it when is go around singing "Like a Virgin" as a little kid. Her Sex book is awesome and I still have mine.
  23. Prince
    Always and forever 💜