Inspired by @nina. This has been brewing in my Drafts for quite some time as another post but I combined it after seeing @nina's
  1. B&W stripes + dresses + mod
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  2. My old office and my old boss, Alison Berger
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  3. Simplicity and order and the shades of blue
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  4. Grayscale shapes
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    I love you like XO....🎤 (I can't stop listening to this song for some reason. Thanks Beyoncé)
  5. The Queen, Iris Apfel
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  6. The mid-century house in the original Parent Trap
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  7. A friend's painting that I love
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  8. Snowy, wide open spaces
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    That's in Finland.
  9. These tattoos
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  10. Some of my Converse
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  11. Well-made, well structured clothing, mostly in black
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    Like these from CoSTUME NATIONAL.
  12. Philippe Starck chairs for Cassina
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  13. Denim jacket, fitted
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  14. Random captures
    A2563e95 6079 44c2 89ca 90353459f712
  15. This installation
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  16. The hair. The eyes.
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  17. LEGO models at Bjarke Ingels office in Copenhagen
    C0b764df 2822 411c b248 321e9f744642
  18. Rex Ray's work
    6d577bb9 0111 4e40 88b5 cef95499fead
  19. Geometric
    F126a17c d0b5 4352 878f 299528b58fb9
  20. Palm Springs mid-century vibes
    D1d786a4 1eaa 4dc9 aeb4 ba6ccf526e06
  21. More Palm Springs, bitches
    0b69d33b 9b7f 40b5 96b8 e2e80361faf1
  22. Pattern on pattern
    9120a078 608d 43c9 bed6 2bc868bdd1f5
  23. B&W linear patterns
    9c44f5c6 5f05 40d9 9c46 e1346ccc7156
  24. Yep
    Ff4fc65e 7767 4227 a76b cf84c2ae1b9e
  25. Vespas all lines up
    F74bc62c 12f5 4878 bfb1 d6ef529f1f82
  26. Watches
    A4a4ba92 dc61 4f4d bd14 c44a20f9444f
  27. Watts Towers in LA
    83b0ab5f 9d4e 42da bab3 f901a276dc30
  28. Geometric tattoos
    7e1699f0 82f3 4b20 a893 328778c94769
  29. My Alison Berger lamp and all of her pieces I own
    7102c000 aee1 42d8 97d5 b6fecfdd3f17
  30. Moon mirror from Moroso
    2d1fc618 da20 4974 95d8 bb359680621c
  31. Cool eyewear
    7872b5ec 5ad0 4307 a42d 6d129a46ec67
  32. Space-inspired, marbled wallpaper from Calico
    56172666 fd52 4b62 964e 6a5656d057f6
  33. Another B&W pattern. This one from Alexander Girard.
    3a7fc712 1005 4731 89d3 1b318701a861
  34. Egon Schiele tattoo
    Dd1f5d47 a049 4183 a2b6 1aadf36037e8
  35. Yes.
    2a799d0e b9e2 4587 b7d3 95578506bf06
  36. Warhol
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  37. Lines and shadowS
    62c2d7ca 82e7 4d63 9e86 eff18e525b12
  38. These patterns
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  39. The Herbert Bayer font
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    Here it is tattooed on a friend of mine.