My Trip to Guatemala

Starting this at the beginning of the trip and will add throughout. I'm heading off to Antigua, Guatemala for a week and here's the story.
  1. The sunrise on the way there
  2. A restaurant in Guatemala City with real cars sticking out the sides
  3. My hotel's entrance
    I stayed in Antigua, Guatemala.
  4. The other direction, this way leading to the 6 guest rooms
    Charming af
  5. My room - Rosas - everything is red
  6. My room's view. I have a private courtyard
  7. There's an active volcano behind the clouds
  8. All of the streets are cobblestone and the buildings are colorful
  9. We had lunch in what looked like a jungle but it was hidden behind one of the colorful facades you pass on the street
  10. That was our table
  11. Dark clouds above the jungle
  12. An art gallery's courtyard
  13. Popular modes of transportation
  14. Creep factor on 💯
  15. The clouds finally cleared to see the top of the volcano
  16. All day the Guatemalan women walk the streets trying to sell their handcrafted goods
  17. The clouds change constantly and it's beautiful
  18. Another lunch spot. That man kept yelling "kisses from Guatemala" while blowing me kisses. The guys I was with thought it was hysterical.
  19. My terrace is pretty cool
  20. So much lushness
  21. Dude, I love this place
  22. This guy was super flirty
  23. Moodiness
  24. The pool and spa I had to myself at the hotel
  25. Part of my terrace
  26. The municipal building where the mayor worked right across from Central Park
  27. The arch where the nuns used to walk across to the monastery
  28. Church ruins next it the market
  29. Coffee shop window
  30. Fountain ruins
  31. A bird
  32. Inside the monastery
  33. Monastery
  34. Cathedral
  35. The palace
  36. Cathedral ruined by an earthquake
  37. Continued
  38. Leaving Miami in a lightning storm.
  39. Back in the States now and missing this magical place...