Naughty by Nature?

found some photos at my mom's house.
  1. Brent and I. WELCOME TO THE 80s, MY FRIENDS!
    His legs together and mine spread. 1st boyfriend. we used to get caught under his deck taking our clothes off when we were 3 and 4.
  2. Buffy and I
    my first bff. me with skinned knees and my romper down tweaking my nips. it's what childhood is all about.
  3. Brent and I
    again holding hands. I'VE ALWAYS LIKED TO HOLD HANDS, OK?!
  4. Buffy and I
    just getting caught peeing in the backyard. i got my pants up before they got the camera.
  5. Brent and I AGAIN
    just casually floating in a pool with a boy.
  6. Jody and I
    holding hands looking devilish right after she cut my waist length hair off. THE DAY BEFORE PRESCHOOL PICTURES.
  7. just me
    crying and throwing something in a turtleneck, as you do.
  8. me
    again with the tongue. AND KNEE SOCKS. i was mad at my moms for making me wear this awful outfit.
  9. my mom and i
    sitting around in my toddler bikini pouring leather cleaner on my feet.
  10. My aunt and I
    letting you see all the goods. CLASSY AF
  11. I wasn't always naughty, guys
    just me with dimples and a side eye
  12. trying my best catalog pose for monogrammed sweaters
  13. My sister and I playing our violins
  14. my mom hated us