and that's ok
  1. feeling regret after being vulnerable
    hard to shake and easy to shut down afterwards. why oh why do i ever open my mouth?!
  2. not getting to catch up with everyone you want to see during nyc design week
  3. wrecks
    Lyft vs NYC cab. just the passenger
  4. saying goodbye to someone for maybe the last time?
    because it's time to move on
  5. finding out like everyone you know vacations and has work trips in June and won't be in town while you're in LA and some not when you're back in NYC after that
    FINE i'll spend my birthday alone crying in a dark corner alone. i'll also watch all the sunsets alone. nbd
  6. people not getting their work into me on time
    deadlines are deadlines
  7. a few too many hangovers
  8. not killing that sleep game