EDIT: I'm posting this after continuing to hear news of suicide. Besides the friend I mention below and Dave Mirra, the nicest guy in the world, my uncle tried to commit suicide yesterday. Luckily my aunt was able to get to him as it was happening. I've heard this news too often in my life so I'm going ahead and posting this Draft.
  1. A friend posted this on Facebook recently as she and several of us have been coming to terms with a friend's suicide.
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    (That quote is by David Niven.) She left behind two young children who don't understand her struggles with depression. They don't understand that she recently switched meds and was having a really hard time.
  2. Think about it.
  3. Every single person is here for a reason. Every person has something to contribute to the world.
  4. And while those contributions never look the same, they all matter.
  5. Not everyone understands it, but there are a lot of people who do.
  6. Some of the people you meet, you'd never know they were struggling.
  7. Sometimes it's easy to put on a smile.
  8. Don't struggle alone. It's a natural inclination to isolate, but if you feel that creeping up, reach out.
    I admit, I'm horrible at this. I isolate in the worst way.
  9. There are people that care and people that want to help you.
  10. I'm saying this as much for myself as everyone who reads this.
  11. We all matter.
  12. We all struggle and no one truly knows what someone else is going through.
  13. Be kind. Be loving. Be open. Be involved.
  14. Listen when someone has something to say.
  15. Acknowledge their feelings and them as a person.
  16. You have no idea how your actions could affect another person, positively or negatively.
  17. Treat everyone with love, respect, and kindness.
  18. You could, in some tiny way, make a difference.
  19. Always remember that nothing would be the same if you did not exist.