What is it about November? Is it because there's a cold November rain happening outside where I am?
  1. Suddenly it's incredibly close to the end of the year.
  2. The holidays are about to stare us dead in the face.
  3. And then there are possible family obligations...
  4. Which can (most definitely) lead to anxiety.
  5. And New Year's Eve...
    Which always seems to result in its own set of unfulfilled expectations. Most overrated holiday, yes? Is there ever anything really fun going on? I have no problem driving or hopping on a plane.
  6. Then we knock another year off our calendar of life.
  7. The new year will bring a higher age number (hopefully).
  8. A whole year older.
  9. Which leads to reflecting on life.
  10. But the rollover also tends to bring a sense of a fresh start.
  11. A renewed sense of purpose. A good excuse to start over.
  12. So screw the November 1st feels, it's going to feel like New Year's Day for me.
    (Even if it kills me.)
  13. November, I'm counting on you to rock my skirt off.
  14. Now let's all go listen to "November Rain" and stir up some memories, while we enjoy the stellar acting performances that GnR executed.