NYCxDesign 2017

it's my 5th year covering it and each year gets crazier and crazier. i'll keep adding random moments as they happen.
  1. we have a pop-up shop at ICFF where you can buy all kinds of modern goods from indie designers. the walls are magnetic and some of the pieces can be moved around.
  2. met up with Lee Broom, a British designer who's blown up in recent years.
    that's his latest collection with Wedgewood
  3. went to a party at Vitra and everyone got day drunk
  4. went to the whitney museum
  5. cab a/c at its best
  6. i've spent lots of time in Soho for various events
  7. went to a party at the top of this Frank Gehry building and saw the whole world
  8. went to an opening that was full of these white mushrooms
  9. see? top of the world
    from the penthouse in the Frank Gehry building above. because the Consulate of Denmark lives there, it's considered Danish soil. so i went to Denmark last night and watched the sunset and it was magic.
  10. oh hey girl hey.
  11. nicest guy in the world and i could talk to him for hours about design
  12. peaceful paper mobiles at ICFF
  13. a wall-mounted concrete shelf to hold your butt paper
  14. a 4-hour meal with a few press people, 4 people from Italy that put on Salone, and 2 of my favorite PR people at Union Square Cafe
    sat across from one of my favorite people and we talked the whole time and it was good
  15. I'm confused. aren't shafts supposed to enter?
    Plus, i feel like her Pretty in Pink character would be proud of her outfit today.
  17. just the 6 day old, unwrapped bagel i've had in my bag since i bought it
  18. pink is errywhere
  19. Flavor Paper kills the wallpaper game. the latest is from doodler Jon Burgerman.
  20. wasting time in the longest elevator ride ever
  21. the face of someone insanely tired with frizzy af hair who just used a $10,000 toilet