1. Sprinting to the bathroom because I've waited a little too long to pee
  2. Falling in love (lust) with unavailable men
  3. Finding a song that kills me requiring me to listen to it on repeat for 2 weeks straight
    This is happening right now. Damn you, song.
  4. Avoiding phone calls
  5. Reciting every rap lyric ever
  6. Starting a list and forgetting why I started said list
  7. Lucid dreaming
    I'm pretty sure I was born doing it.
  8. Sending messages I regret later
  9. Drinking
    You know, when I put my mind to it
  10. Singing really loudly in the car
    And giving zero fucks
  11. Making my way to the front of a general admission show
  12. Being loyal af
    Or to a fault
  13. Hoarding photos on my iPhone
    I take a lot of photos and have over 15k now and I delete regularly.
  14. Kegels
  15. Making lots of faces
    I don't know I'm doing it.
  16. Hand gesturing when talking
  17. Always getting in the slowest line