Another from the Drafts folder. This one is olddddd
  1. Making eye contact with someone for even just a brief moment
    It's a tiny connection captured in time.
  2. That surge of energy that hits you when you're excited about something
  3. Having just enough batteries for what you need
  4. Quickly reached orgasms
  5. Slowlyyyy achieved orgasms
  6. When your watch is set to the correct time/time zone
  7. When you meet someone new and the banter flows effortlessly
    Friend or otherwise.
  8. Turning on the radio at that exact moment a song you love comes on
  9. When someone responds to a text/email like you were hoping for
  10. When you reach in your bag and find what you're looking for
  11. A playlist with the perfect song flow
  12. Waking up and feeling happy about the dream you just had
  13. Opening your eyes from sleep and having your body fill with excitement because of who is lying next to you
  14. When you find something you'd long ago lost
  15. Completing a crossword puzzle
  16. Playful crushes
  17. Crushes that lead to something!
  18. Fantasies fulfilled
  19. When a song comes together perfectly
  20. When you meet someone you admire and the reality is way better than imagined
    Usually it's the other way around.
  21. When you open your iPhone camera and it's not pointed at your face
  22. Handwritten letters
    Pen pals are the best.
  23. That first sip of water when you're an hour past thirsty