Inspired by @ladyboss. And yes, from previous experience, these are things I wish I'd asked.
  1. Does it ever cross your mind to buy household paper products?
  2. Do you have any fetishes that involve furry animals?
  3. Do you still hang posters on your walls? And do they require black lights?
  4. Do you fall asleep right after sex?
  5. Have you read any books this year?
  6. Most played songs in your iTunes/Spotify or whatever?
  7. Have you held anything in your hands other than a guitar and your penis this year?
    These are not deal breakers.
  8. If I showed you a drawing of a vagina could you find the clitoris?
  9. Do any of your exes not hate your guts?
  10. Last or best concert you've went to?
  11. How open are you to fantasy fulfillment?
  12. Do you wash your hands every time after using the bathroom?
  13. Are you old enough to buy alcoholic beverages?
  14. Are you old enough to rent a car?
  15. Are you another short term solution to my long term plan?
    Thanks for the reminder, @thebestSR, my new relationship guru!