Records My Uncle Played Bass On

As requested. My uncle plays upright bass and is a jazz musician in NYC. He went to Berkeley & has taught there & other places over the years. He toured & played with Chet Baker for years & has great stories. He still tours, teaches, & gives lessons - he also teaches qu gong. He's also the greatest uncle ever. His name is Scott Lee.
  1. "Chet Baker: Live at Nick's"
  2. "Chet Baker: Live in Chateau Vallon"
  3. "Chet Baker Quartet: Live in France 1978"
  4. "Chet Baker: Oh You Crazy Moon"
  5. Joe Lovano - Universal Language
  6. Joe Lovano - Viva Caruso
  7. Tim Hagans - No Words
  8. And because I can't remember the names of the other albums and I'm too lazy to look them up, here's a list of other people's records he's on and/or played with (that I can remember): Betty Buckley, Nancy Wilson, Judi Silvano, Loren Stillman, John Payne, Daniel Guggenheim, Roseanna Vitro, Andy Statman
  9. Oh yeah and all his own albums too.
  10. And here he is playing a show earlier this year in NYC.
  11. And that's him when I was a kid with music/portrait photographer, Deborah Feingold, at my grandparent's house.