Roygbiv + Prince

All the colors he used in song titles and album names. (I had planned this post months ago but got lazy. Now, insomnia = Prince lists)
  1. Little Red Corvette
    Song on '1999'
  2. Under the Cherry Moon
    Song on 'Parade'
  3. Crimson and Clover
    Cover song on 'LOtUSFLOW3R'
  4. Tangerine
    Song on 'Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic'
  5. Lemon Crush
    Song on 'Batman'
  6. The Gold Standard
    Song on 'Art Official Age'
  7. Gold
    Song on 'The Gold Experience
  8. 3 Chains o' Gold
    Song on 'Love Symbol'
  9. The Gold Experience
  10. Golden Parachute
    Song on 'The Slaughterhouse'
  11. Computer Blue
    Song on 'Purple Rain'
  12. Blue Light
    Song on 'Love Symbol'
  13. So Blue
    Song on 'For You'
  14. Pink Cashmere
  15. Purple Rain
    Song on 'Purple Rain'
  16. Violet the Organ Grinder
    Song on 'Diamonds and Pearl'
  17. Raspberry Beret
    Song on 'Around the World in a Day'
  18. Chocolate Box
    Song on 'MPLSound'
  19. The Black Album
  20. Black Sweat
    Song on '3121'
  21. Black Muse
    Song on 'HITnRUN Phase Two
  22. Cream
    Song on 'Diamonds and Pearl'
  23. WhiteCaps
    Song on 'Plectrumelectrum'
  24. The Rainbow Children