From the drafts 📂
  1. My pink ballet shoes
    I did ballet till I was in 9th grade and I always loved breaking in a new pair of pink leather ballet shoes. The leather was fresh and intoxicating and waiting to be loved.
  2. Rosin from my violin bow
    And all the dust that would fly around as I played. I loved the smell and the little rosin brick that slowly grew indentions as your ran your bow on it over and over again.
  3. Library books
    The slight musty smell of paper that had been closed tightly together on a shelf waiting for someone to take it home and the new book that smelled of fresh ink on paper.
  4. Cigarettes and the way they smell in shag carpet
    Both my parents smoked when I was a kid and I'd usually be found on the floor for whatever reason and that synthetic carpet smell laced with stale cigarette smoke never escapes you. I still feel the urge to cough thinking about it.
  5. Whiskey and honey
    When I was sick, my mom would make a mixture of whiskey, honey, and lemon juice and I loved it. I would fake cough trying to get it. It's still one of my favorite smells and I still drink it when sick... or just thirsty.
  6. My grandparents' house in Greensboro
    It smelled like old fancy antiques, rugs, and narcissism. And a touch of mothballs. I hated it.
  7. A drawer in my other grandmother's dressing table where she kept my grandfather's old watches.
    It had this distinct wood smell that would escape for a moment every day when she opened the drawer to wind his watches.
  8. Chlorine from the pool
    I lived at the pool growing up and then at the indoor pool in high school because a bunch of my friends were on the swim team. The bubbled dome trapped the steam of the warmer months with the heavy doses of the chlorine used.
  9. My dad's old office where there was a car parts store attached. It was his dad's oil business and until I was about 8, he owned it.
    It smelled like a typical car garage with gasoline and oil.
  10. Silly Putty
    I loved that stuff. Especially pressing it onto newsprint where it would absorb the ink so you print it somewhere else.
  11. Tempera paint
    From kindergarten. That was the paint we used all the time and I remember painting an oval wooden basket in this vivid magenta color. The paint that dried on your skin would slowly crack and peel as your moved your body.
  12. A box of crayons
    The smell was completely intoxicating to me when I'd break the seal on a fresh box.