Social Media Blogs/accounts I Follow for Aesthetic Appreciation

Thanks for the request! These are all Instagram.
  1. @designmilk, obviously
    But I followed Design Milk before I ever worked there, because I love the content. Highly curated modern design in all forms - architecture, interiors, home furnishings, art, tech, style & fashion. @designmilk on all social platforms.
  2. @jessicavwalsh
    Incredible graphic designer with a keen eye.
  3. @stationcdrkelly
    The astronaut who just returned to earth after a year in space. His images are mesmerizing.
  4. @type.gang
    Hand drawn typography
  5. Design, architecture, and apps
  6. @heatherdayart
    An artist who shows her life and process.
  7. @calicowallpaper
    A duo who makes the coolest wallpaper. They have a cool page full of interiors and wallpaper.
  8. @mrorlandosoria
    My friend Orlando is an awesome interior designer and his page is great eye candy.
  9. She's here and on IG. Beautifully curated life.
  10. @mondoblogo
    Random art and exhibitions
  11. @richardcaldicott
  12. @phillip.kremer
    Followed him a long time and he makes creepy weird portraits.
  13. @danielarsham
    Incredible artist
  14. I follow a lot of other stuff but it's mostly music, guitars, tattoos, and watches. And more design and art, obviously.