Social Media is Weird

I finally got the nerve to post my first list *1 year ago* today after having been on the app for a little bit. Just thinking about social media and how it can connect people and do weird things.
  1. Where I lost 2 followers, then gained 2, then lost 1 this week and posted not very exciting lists. But I still love @list 1 year later!
  2. LinkedIn
    Where 4 companies/brands have tried to poach me for jobs this week after wanting to connect and 3 designers have pitched me their work via my personal email. Also, 57 requests to connect.
  3. Facebook
    Where I've gotten 79 friend requests this week: 76 from men I don't know, 1 from a man I do know, and 2 from women I know.
  4. FB Messenger
    Where good people kept me laughing and random designers pitched me their designs.
  5. Twitter
    Where I gained and lost the same amount of followers this week as I have the last few months.
  6. Instagram
    Where 4 men, 7 designers, 1 ex-boyfriend, and 2 strangers slid into my DMs this week.
  7. Snapchat
    Where an old co-worker's teenage daughter Snapchatted the birth of her kid.
  8. Ello and MySpace