Not so much bizarre, mostly just weird or random.
  1. An app that generates unlimited phone numbers for your phone so you can give out different numbers to different people.
    Seems sketch and a big headache. Unlimited numbers. That's crazy!
  2. A dog parker - a secure box to leave your dog in outside while you run into a business that doesn't allow dogs.
    It's a climate-controlled doghouse. You get a membership card and swipe it and you pay based on how long you leave your dog in there. There are 5 in Brooklyn and about 100 more coming.
  3. A video and chat platform that lets you video with random people so they can work on projects with you. Like crowdsourcing help from strangers over video chat.
  4. 3D printing chat bots for apps like FB messenger, Skype, and Kik.
    It's lets your compare prices and have access 24/7 to all things 3D printing via the messengers. Not sure why this needs to be a thing?
  5. DoorDash, which is kinda weird since they seem pretty set doing what they're doing (delivering food from restaurants) and they just recently raised well over 100 million dollars in funding.
  6. An app that tells you where someone is and when they'll be arriving and leaving locations.
    Kinda stalker-ish
  7. Subscription-based, "open-source" vitamins
  8. An underwater robot that inspects everything under the sea
    Actually pretty interesting
  9. Headphones. Lots of headphones.
  10. To go on a date
    No really, I got asked out. His pitch: employed, smart, "slightly nerdy but open to new things", nice guy, etc.
  11. Bonus:
  12. Tech conference humor
  13. Adult men in tech lederhosen
  14. I just enjoy this guy's face I captured as he was talking.