For you, @k8mcgarry
  1. A black star on my wrist when I was 17 ⭐️
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    Appointment was booked but I chickened out. My 16 year old friend got a rose on her ankle.
  2. The number 77 in a cool font
    It's been my favorite number since I was in kindergarten. Couldn't decide on placement. I wrote about it here: A Few More Things About Me
  3. My name in Japanese (katakana)
    キャロライン - I always thought it looked like Frosty. Long story but I grew up with a Japanese family being close to ours from the age of 5 on and they became my extended family and my sister lived in Japan for a long time so I've spent time there. My sister also married a Japanese guy so I have two extended families there.
  4. Cherry blossom
    Again for my love of Japan. And again didn't because I couldn't decide on placement.
  5. A black and white image of the moon
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    Didn't think it would turn out how I wanted it to look.
  6. Something like this. I love this guy's work. Everything is hand drawn with a single line.
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    I love all things space-related since I was a child.
  7. A Warhol flower
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    I've loved Warhol for life and always liked the flowers. In fact, I just spent the day designing my own custom Warhol flower wallpaper with Flavor Paper who works directly with the Warhol foundation to produce his work.
  8. Something geometric
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    I screenshot this design several years ago and still love the idea of it.
  9. A Retna-designed piece in a simple black square or rectangle
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    Like this painting. I tore an image out of a magazine years ago with one of his paintings and I've always dug it.
  10. There have been others but these are the ones that stand out. I have commitment issues. I think I need someone to just tell me to get it and stop overthinking it. HELP ME, people.