Wish you could have been here @eatthelove!
  1. First, thank you to everyone who made the trek. Some of you came from San Diego and Orange County and @saytrumbo and I appreciated that!
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    To those people who didn't make it, SUCK IT! (Just kidding!!!!!)
  2. Second, I'm pretty sure we've all been witness to how difficult it is to find solid people in LA, but you guys are some good people.
  3. For lack of better words and with all sincerity, you all reminded me that not everyone is a self-centered douchebag. (I'm feeling super eloquent tonight)
    Sorry, but I've encountered a lot of that in recent years.
  4. Everyone was open, funny, kind, genuine, sweet, and super huggable. Thanks for making the time, showing your faces, and for being great people. Xo
  5. It was a rotating cast of people and I think I've forgotten some and I'm sorry about that!!
  6. As for the secrets, I'm not at liberty to say, but just know we talked about every one of you. 👊🏼
  7. And then there were 3 who went balls out and stayed till almost 6pm.
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    Please ignore the major baggage under my eyes.