He's a cranky 70ish year old Southern man with a bad attitude.
  1. "Are they cutting my gizzards out?"
    He thinks he's having surgery. He's not.
  2. *Burp. Burp.
  3. "Is there a wurter fountain out dare?
    That would be water and he meant out there.
  4. *Cough. Burp.
  5. "I might just die right on this bed."
    He's not dying.
  6. "Lord have mercy!"
  7. "Imma have to go pee in a cup. Or is there a fountain I should pee in?"
  8. *Slurps water
  9. "Are gon put me to sleep tonight?"
    The nurse said no but they were going to let him sleep here overnight.
  10. "If you're not cutting my gizzards out, why do I have to stay?!"
    His wife told him for observation.
  11. "Why do they need to observe me? Do try want to observe me die?!"
  12. "What were we gon eat for supper tonight? Fish?"
    The wife says flounder.
  13. "That would have been a mighty good supper."
  14. "I reckon you can go on home."
  15. *sigh. Groan. Burp.
  16. "I need my piller. I can't sleep without my piller."
  17. "Oh yeah, I did take my constipation medicine today. I forgot."
  18. "I hope we shut them doors when we left."
  19. "I knew sumpin wasn't right about this day when I waked up this morning. Shouldn't have gotten up."