Thoughts I've learned along the way. From the Drafts folder 📂
  1. The more I realize that the image I've always had in my mind of my perfect mate and perfect life doesn't always make the perfect reality.
    Extreme hotness does not necessarily lead to extreme happiness.
  2. The more it feels okay to not have to take a stance or have an opinion about everything.
    Try it. It feels pretty good.
  3. Life is just a series of choices we make, all day, every day, each with their own costs and benefits.
    When you break it down it doesn't feel so overwhelming.
  4. It's easier to spot the good ones - the people that matter. The people you want to inspire your life, not corrode it.
    Hold onto them.
  5. I try to imagine what the view looks like from someone else's perspective.
    Always shift the lens.
  6. Complacency kills creativity.
    Stepping outside your comfort zone into a frothing pool of vulnerability will shift things, one way or another.
  7. More often than not, quality will always trump quantity.
    This works for people, time, things, etc.
  8. The less fucks I give.
    Doing you and doing you to the best of your ability is what makes a difference. Caring about the outside static only compromises your soul and if that's gone, what do we really have to stand on?
  9. Even the smallest expectation will always lead to disappointment.
    Expectations kill dreams.
  10. Perfection doesn't exist.
    Again, expectations. (See above)
  11. Love isn't just a feeling, it's an action.
    You show it.
  12. Leave a trail of stars.
    Be good to people. Do your best work. Love hard. It's the trail of stars we leave as our legacy.
  13. Everything you bury has a cost and comes back in a way that you'll pay for later.
    Deal with your shit now and as it comes. It's 10x worse when you have to dig it up later to work on it.