Not because I want to.
  1. Guitar picks
    Tons. I find them in my pockets all the time.
  2. Old boarding passes from every flight
    I can't seem to part with these.
  3. Hotel key cards
    I have stacks and stacks.
  4. Pillowcases of ex-boyfriends
    I'm not sure why this happens.
  5. Blank notebooks
    Moleskine, Poppin, and others.
  6. Business cards
    So. Many. Business. Cards. From people I meet.
  7. Receipts
    I save them from travel for tax reasons.
  8. Old keys
    From previous places I've lived, other people's places, and who knows what else.
  9. Tote bags
    I get entirely too many every year at various work events and they stack up. I give them away constantly, and yet, I still have tons.
  10. San Pellegrino foil lids
    I have no idea why.
  11. Umbrellas
    I buy them in every city and I never use them again.