Because sometimes I get really caught up in something only to realize I like the idea of something rather than the actual thing. Bottom line: The time commitment and interest can not outweigh the enjoyment. @kellydehoop you asked for this one a while back.
  1. Learning to the play drums
    Lots of research. Drum sticks, drum pad, lots of paradiddles, and a patient drummer boyfriend. Turns out I liked the idea of learning drums more than learning drums. I just can't make all 4 limbs do something completely different at the same time. I'm lucky to make two of them work independently of each other. I still like paradiddles though.
  2. Printmaking
    Took a class in college because I had the hots for the professor. Then I decided I was going to get interested in it so I bought books and equipment and spent lotssss of time talking printmaking with the prof. Turns out, I just liked the idea. And the professor.
  3. Camping
    I've gone. I've bought the stuff but I'm not sure I'm a tent person. I think I prefer something with a hard shell around me. Tents are weird. The only thing protecting you from a crazy person with a knife or a bear is some nylon fabric. You think the zipper is going to keep them out?
  4. Setting up my own darkroom
    One of my degrees is in photography so after I graduated I decided I was going to set up my own darkroom at home and print all the time. Bought all the equipment and then I realized I'd rather just print somewhere else. It's so much work and not the least bit fun to keep up with it. All the equipment is still in my parent's attic.
  5. All things tea
    I still love to drink tea - hot or cold - but I don't need to be ALL TEA ALL THE TIME. There are only so many tins of tea, mugs, pots, brewers, and tea sticks, etc. that one can own before, well, it's not that exciting. Also, I just don't feel like studying about tea. I'd rather just drink it.
  6. Crocheting
    My great aunt, who was my favorite relative ever, was great at it and spent her time crocheting baby blankets and baby hats for the children in foster care and I wanted her to teach me because I loved her so much. I bought all the shit and tried several times and it just wasn't my jam. All of that shit is still in my parent's attic as well. Along with all of my great aunt's crocheting stuff that I got when she died a few years ago. Still untouched.
  7. Bird stuff
    I decided I was going to get into nature more so I bought bird feeders and stuff for the backyard. And of course books so I could learn about the birds that would visit. Yeah, great idea though.
  8. There are plenty more I can add to this list. Another time though.