Despite my sarcasm and moments where it seems like I'm complaining, I'm actually very appreciative and grateful. If you think about it, most of us are pretty fucking lucky. I've had the strangest, most difficult year but I know it could have been a lot worse. Hold up- shit is about to get sappy.
  1. The freedom to live life and do things that I love
    Thinking about all of the people around the world who don't get the opportunities I do and I never take what I have and what I get to do for granted.
  2. A certain listapper who is guiding me through a weird and challenging thing that's going on and I'll forever be grateful.
    I hope he knows who he is and how appreciative I am. You talked me down from the freaking out ledge and I'm much less overwhelmed. I owe you. Big time.
  3. This damn amazing community
    Never in a million years did I imagine how enlightening this experience would be. For some reason it feels like this band of safety wrapped around all the words we write making it not so scary to share our darkest secrets & our most random thoughts. I've shared things with you all that my closest friends & family don't know & that's huge. People call me 'the vault' because I never reveal my own secrets or anyone else's but you people have been welcoming. I'm forever grateful for all the love.
  4. My family of origin
    Even though they might not have always been what I wanted or needed at the time, they're my family and where I came from and they're why I am who I am.
  5. My family of choosing
    Not by birth or blood, but they're the ones I choose to invite in my life and that's a pretty big deal. I'm lucky.
  6. Being alive
    I've been to far too many funerals in my life and I'm going to another on Monday and went to one just a few weeks ago. I'm happy to still be on this side. Death is a reminder that we all need to actively live each day. I've spent periods of my life being passive and letting life just happen instead of choosing how it's going to happen. It's a privilege to be here and I want to make the most of it.
  7. Freedom in general
    Most of us don't have to think about all the dangers going on around the world. We see things on the news but we live a pretty sweet life having people, like those in the military, volunteer to help keep us safe. We're shielded and protected from the everyday horrors they see as we go on about our lives. If it weren't for them and their sacrifice, we wouldn't have what we have.
  8. That no matter what, I've never given up.
    I've had my share of challenges, a whole lot of them, but I'm here and I always want to do better, be better, and do more.
  9. Today
    That I get to make things happen today. I might be far away from all of my family and friends in a hotel room that overlooks the Hooters hotel (it's Vegas) but I get to choose what I do next.
  10. Connection
    On every level.
  11. When people write back
    Emails, texts, real mail letters, whatever. Maybe not grateful, but I just like it. Correspondence is nice, people.