feeling lucky and appreciative today as i think about 9/11 and those who died, were hurt, and the ones that still suffer, as well as every other tragedy that keeps bashing this world upside down lately
  1. finally coming out of the fog that's lingered for almost 2 years
  2. not feeling broken anymore
  3. a good therapist
  4. medication
  5. a few people that listened
  6. hugs
  7. the nightmares getting better
    not as frequent, not as brutal
  8. rosé
    let's be honest - this is important
  9. the ability to let what's not important go (at times)
    not always easy, but it's freeing when it happens
  10. a roof over my head
    despite the fact that there's toxic mold in the building, but that's another day!
  11. electricity and internet and water and food
  12. being able to laugh
  13. that i haven't given up
  14. this damn community
    last week was my 2 year anniversary and to think how this app changed my life is pretty cool.
  15. ** i'm going to stop before i start posting inspirational quotes.