From Drafts...
  1. Encyclopedias
    Looking something up and reading about it with a start and an ending point - no links and other options to find more info. The information was pure and simple without it being delivered through someone else's filter. I still have a set.
  2. Not being available 24/7
    When you could actually do an activity or go out to dinner without your phone blowing up or drawing you in.
  3. Shooting with film
    There's a visceral magic to capturing a split second on a single frame of film. As much as I love the immediacy that digital affords, I'll always love the feeling that film evokes.
  4. Mix tapes/CDs
    Why don't people do this anymore? It's still my favorite thing ever. I love when someone carefully arranges the order of songs according to how they want you to hear them. I like hearing every person's musical choices and the order - it says a lot about them.
  5. Sending letters
    There's such an art to pen and paper - the thought behind it, the time spent, the handwriting - it's all so personal. I still send letters and I love doing it. Anyone else in this camp?
  6. Living life in the moment before cellphone cameras
    When you captured the memories in your mind instead of on your phone. (Don't get me wrong, I love my iPhone, but it's a constant distraction.
  7. Getting away with things before all the camera phones
    Every level of privacy has evaporated into the ether and you can't do anything without it being caught on camera by somebody.
  8. Going to concerts without earplugs
    Although it was the stupidest thing I ever did. Earplugs just feel so ADULT.
  9. Standing in the pit dancing at various rock and punk shows
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    When you didn't care about all the battle scars you'd have the next day and were even slightly proud of them. I get a bruise at a show now and I'm a baby. Like this damn one I just recently got. IT HURT. Ok, I've whined about it enough now. You can read it here: To the Guy Who Punched a Girl to Get a Guitar Pick Last Night
  10. Being a ballsy teenager
    To make things happen and do what I wanted. I just did things and worried later. It's how I got my job at 16 which took me down my career path.